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SharePoint 2013 – Issue: Frequent Authentication Requests

We had recently built a SharePoint 2013 farm that used Okta as its identity provider and started receiving reports that users were being prompted to re-authenticate.  Furthermore this would occur during both browsing and editing of pages, but was more problematic when content

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SharePoint 2013 Enable Browser Handling for specific file types

By default SharePoint 2013 web applications have the browser file handling level set to strict.  This setting works with the browser to prevent files from being opened automatically by the browser for enhanced security.  Setting this property to permissive would

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SharePoint 2013 Hide Default Authentication Providers

After adding ADFS authentication to out environment we ran into an issue where users could add Active Directory or ADFS users accounts when granting permissions.  Because we have both NTLM and ADFS enabled on the web application the would see

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SharePoint 2013 Configuring User Licensing

We recently enabled User Licensing in our environment and I ran into some issues getting it to work properly.  With licensing enabled I was unable to access the protected functions even though I was a member of the proper groups. 

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SharePoint 2013 Warm-Up Script

A Warm-Up Script is essential for seldom used pre-production environments to avoid waiting for what seems like an eternity for the web applications to warm up.  For the past couple of years I have been using a warm-up script written

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