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SharePoint 2013 – Issue: Frequent Authentication Requests

We had recently built a SharePoint 2013 farm that used Okta as its identity provider and started receiving reports that users were being prompted to re-authenticate.  Furthermore this would occur during both browsing and editing of pages, but was more problematic when content

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Retrieving/Recovering Secure Store Credentials

I had the need to find the username/password that was saved into a secure store group credential.  After some research I was able to create a script that did the job:

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SharePoint 2013 HNSC Missing Default Groups

Overview In a previous post, “SharePoint 2013 Host Named Site Collections over SSL”, I outlined creating a HNSC however it appears when creating a site collection through PowerShell (New-SPSite) instead of using Central Administration the default groups (Visitors, Members, Owners)

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Remove SharePoint Client Side File Lock

Occasionally I have a user that leaves a file open on their client PC and locks the file for editing.  These locks stop anyone else from updating the document.  This emulates the behavior of a file in a Windows file

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