Update Signing Certificate for Secure Token Service

We recently had an issue in our environments where our Secure Token Service certificate for our SharePoint Apps implementation had expired.  This is just a quick blurb to mention how to update that certificate since it took a little digging for me to find it and in the end it was simpler than I though.

First we need to find our issuer:

I just did a search for the name and then grabbed it by ID:

Get-SptrustedSecurityTokenIssuer|where {$_.name -like "*Hi-Trust*"}
$sts = Get-SptrustedSecurityTokenIssuer -identity <id>

Next we need to grab the new cert from the .cer file we’ve obtained and then update the SigningCertificate property of the $sts object:

$cert = Get-PfxCertificate <.cer location>
$sts.SigningCertificate = $cert


Posted in Apps, SharePoint 2013, SSL

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